Sunday, December 20, 2015

#4 Dream Casting | November 9 (Ben)

I just had to do a dream casting for November 9 by Colleen Hoover! I have found the perfect face for Ben, but unfortunately not for the main character Fallon. So this time around I will only do for one character and I hope that's okay. If I find Fallon in the future, I'll let you know :)

Diego Boneta as Benton James Kessler
This was the face of Benton James Kessler I saw in my head when I read November 9. It's almost scary how much Diego Boneta looks like the Ben in my imagination. I think he's perfect for the role as Ben from the second I saw him. I prefer the GIF:s over the pictures though. He's gorgeous, don't you agree?

I think this is the most accurate face for a character I've ever found.
GIFs/pictures found here

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