Saturday, November 07, 2015

Let's Get Personal #1

I haven't written a personal post in forever. Or have I even done it at all? I don't even know. However, I think it's time for something personal so you can get to know me a little bit better. I love to read things about you and I hope this doesn't feel like a complete waste of your time :)

1. I speak three languages and I want to learn more
Three languages so far... I'm from Sweden as you might know, so I speak Swedish, obviously. And I speak, and write, English fluently (at least that's something I want to believe) and at last, I speak Spanish (not fluently). I have studied Spanish in school since 7th grade (2011) and I'm still going strong (I'm in the 2nd grade (out of 3) of "high school" in Sweden, which we here call gymnasiet). In other words, I have been studying Spanish for 5 years soon, and this year will be my last during my time in gymnasiet. I wish to continue my Spanish studies in the future.
"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"
2. I want to travel the world
This is something I can talk about all day and all night. I want to travel all around the world so bad. I have never been outside Europe before, although I like to imagine that the Canary Islands belong to Africa, not Europe (it's so much closer to Africa!). My plan, and of my biggest dreams, is to travel after I graduate in about 1 and a half years (!!!). I want to travel to each continent, to see everything and experience everything. My dream destinations, at this very moment, are South Africa and South America!
"There will always be a reason why we meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you are the one that will change theirs"
3. I want to meet new friends from all around the world
I want to meet you, and you, and you. All of you. I know that there are lots of friends out there, and I know that you bookish people are so great. I want to meet genuine people with a similar mindset and similar interests and dreams. How amazing wouldn't that be? Think about how many friends you haven't met yet. It's crazy! I hope that I can meet ALL of you in the future :)


  1. Alltså åh Filippa, du sätter så bra ord på vad jag också vill göra. Tänk att få resa en massa och träffa nya människor, det skulle vara så himla kuuuul!! :)

    1. Jaa! Det skulle det verkligen vara :)

  2. If you have any trouble with Spanish you can contact me because I'm Spanish xD
    Oh and never EVER say the Canary Islands are part of Africa. Nope. They're Spanish and they like it that way.
    (If you want some territory debate then pick Gibraltar but Canary islands are sacred for the Spaniards)

    By the way I'm not mad or anything. Those lines have more of a funny connotation but I can't express it by writing it, ugh the struggle.

    I WANT TO GO TO SWEDEN! Actually I want to visit all Scandinavian countries but it would have to be during summer and when I have money (a.k.a not gonna happen anytime soon) :(

    Laura @ psilovethatbook

    1. I just wish it was a part of Africa for one reason: I would be able to say that I've been to Africa :D But I love that the Canary Islands are a part of Spain, because I love Spain so much... It's like my second home :) and I will definitely contact you if I need any help, thank you :)♥


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