Monday, October 26, 2015

#3 Dream Casting | The Winner's Curse

It's time for The Winner's Curse dream casting. It's always exciting to do this! I think it'll be hard though, but I am ready :) If you want to check out my previous dream castings, click here!

The Winner's Curse is the first book in The Winner's Trilogy, and the series is one of my favorites ever, hands down. I'm focusing on three main characters from the books in this post. However, I may do more posts in the future with other characters.. We'll see :) Anyways, here's my dream cast:

Lily James or Gabriella Wilde as Kestrel Trajan
I can not choose between these two so I went with both of them. They look very much alike (at least in the pictures I selected) and they match my imaginary picture of Kestrel perfectly! Who do you think would be the best Kestrel out of these two actresses? :)

Lucas Medeiros as Arin
I had never seen this guy before, but I think he's the perfect Arin! He's a 23-year-old model from Brazil, so he's not an actor unfortunately (as far as I know). But his face says A R I N all over it and that's the important thing. And he's so handsome, just like Arin, don't you think?

Daniel Day-Lewis as General Trajan
You have to agree with me on this one. Daniel Day-Lewis is General Trajan! Either way, he's my number one, favorite choice for this character. I have never seen him in action, but I know he's good! 
What do you feel about this cast? Do you like it?

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