Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Allegiant Teaser Trailer - “Beyond The Wall”

GUYS! The first Allegiant teaser trailer IS HERE!! I'm really excited and so thrilled for the movie. And please, for your own sake, if you haven't read the book/s, do not watch the trailer! :)

I enjoyed the third book, but not as much as the first too. I think most people agree with me..? Or..? Anyways, it was a good book over all and I think I gave it 3,5 stars (even though I hated how it ended). I love the characters and the series and how Veronica Roth writes sooo, I'm excited for this!
You can find the official Divergent YouTube account here for more videos in the future!
You can watch Allegiant in theaters March 2016!


  1. I can't wait for this film! I'm halfway through the book at the moment!

  2. I really liked the trailer, but it gave me ZERO feels. I liked the book (surely less than the first two), but I didn't hate it. See I was appalled by the reminiscence of Divergent and Insurgent. WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED LIKE COME ON why add that to the freaking trailer?! So annoying! Did you like it?

    Jumana @ Books by Jay

    1. Same here: I liked it but it wasn't more than that. Yea!! 50% of the trailer was flashbacks which is a real waste!! They will probably release more (LONGER than 1 min??) trailers soon. Hopefully!


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