Saturday, May 30, 2015

Two new trailers | Book to Movie 2015

Have you seen these two, fairly new, trailers yet? You probably have, but I wanted to post something about them anyway, so here they are. I really recommend you to watch them if you haven't, at least if you have read the books :)

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, release June 2015
I'm really looking forward to this movie. I've not read the book unfortunately, but I get some tfios feelings from the trailer so it ought be good (I haven't seen tfios, only read the book). I'm excited :)

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, release September 2015
I haven't watched the first movie yet, and I haven't planned to do it soon either, but I'm excited for this one. Really excited. I have read all the books in the series and I liked them. Plus, Dylan O'Brien is Thomas, that's one reason to watch the movie :)

I love these posters!! The Scorch Trials one is very typical though, but still accurate.


  1. I haven't read "Me and Earl and The Dying Girl" either but I really want to watch it. I read The Scorch Trials a long time ago and I don't remember what happened but I want to watch the movie because the first movie was good and I love Dylan O'Brien.

  2. I didn't know that Me Earl and the Dying Girl was becoming a film! It looks so amazing and I will definitely be seeing this one!! Scorch Trials is going to be a brilliant film too because obviously Dylan O'Brien my husband is in it (plus the plot is cool).
    Naomi@The Perks Of Being A Bookworm

    1. I didn't know it either until I watched the trailer on twitter a while ago. Can't wait to read the book AND watch the movie :)


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